About C-SAG

Centre for Spatial Analytics and Advanced GIS (C-SAG) focusses on new and emerging area of Spatial Analytics (SA) and advanced GIS. C-SAG has two main goals of knowledge and innovation – one, to research for developing an IP-based advanced Spatial Analytics Centre in India and generate high-end knowledge capability in GIS AND two, to serve as the single-point knolwedge and innovation hub for SA and GIS.

C-SAG is established under the aegis of NIAS Council of Management with support from Tata Trusts.

C-SAG has its own independent and separate authority, functional and financial autonomy and flexibility for execution and implementation of the activities, including responsibility of all technical, administrative, personnel, procurement and financial decisions.

C-SAG closely works with NIAS and coordinates activities in tune with overall goals of NIAS Society.