From the Chairman’s Desk

I am extremely happy that under the aegis of NIAS Council of Management (COM) the Centre for Spatial Analytics and Advanced GIS (C-SAG) has been established which is supported by Tata Trusts. The Centre will be working in the emerging field of Spatial Analytics (SA) and advanced GIS. Spatial Analytics (SA) is emerging as the logical processing of vast amounts of geo-spatial data using their topological, geometric or geographic properties, attribute properties and is emerging at the forefront of advanced Geographical Information Systems (GIS) knowledge. Combined with Internet-of-Things (IoT) and using Artificial Intelligence (AI) principles, SA is charting the future of geographical data processing in the Big-Data domain. C-SAG is to address this new and emerging domain of SA and advanced GIS.

Spatial Analytics is important for a variety of citizen, governance, commercial and research purposes – there is a need for greater understanding in the management and analytics of spatial data.Maps and images are used in day-to-day actions of searching points of interest, routing, districting, property assessment, taxation, deciding government spend and many other daily needs. Spatial datasets are also getting “time-stamped” – making them amenable to change detection and time-analysis. Simple and easy-to-use GIS solutions are required so that common citizens, managers and professionals and policy-makers can make best use of GIS and SA solutions.

Through the Centre, the NIAS Society is furthering the vision of JRD of developing institutions of excellence in advanced topics – in this case for Spatial Analytics which is an important future area.

– S Ramadorai, Chairman, NIAS Council of Management