Goals & Objectives

The main goal of C-SAG is to undertake knowledge and innovation activities by developing Intellectual Property (IP) and Knowledge Assets in Spatial Analytics and advanced GIS. This should result in deep knowledge and innovation in the field of SA and advanced GIS and generate high-end capability in these areas in the country

The Centre aims for the following:

  • High-end advanced knowledge development in geographical science – creating IP in SA and advanced GIS technology and application areas.
  • Developing and maintaining a state-of-the-art GIS knowledge-base – data, information, apps, projects, facility, IP, models etc – building inherent capability within the country.
  • Education Networking – create a common platform for universities/institutions for expanding and enhancing the research capabilities in SA.
  • Specialised advanced training and orientation programmes in SA and advanced GIS – for government, private industry and for faculty training.
  • Consulting to government, industries – creating assessments/evaluation and independent documents/reports related to SA and advanced GIS technology.
  • Partnerships at international level with high-capability SA and GIS institutions; partnerships at national level with government/industries for specific SA and advanced GIS activities and research/skill development.