Homage to Dr Baldev Raj

Dr Baldev Raj

Dr Baldev Raj left for heavenly abode on January 6, 2018 – it is with deep sadness that C-SAG notes his sudden passing away.

Dr Baldev Raj was one of the founding person for C-SAG and its formation – he was instrumental in scoping, positioning the Centre within the NIAS Society as an independent Centre. He was like a “father figure” to C-SAG and supported and encouraged its formation and establishment.

Dr Baldev Raj, an eminent scientist of the country, had an illustrious career with the Department of Atomic Energy. He was earlier Director of  of the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR) in Kalpakkam, India. He was renowned globally and acclaimed for his research and technology development in materials, standards, fast breeder reactors, sodium coolant and other chemical materials. He was instrumental for India to master the fast breeder technology.

After his retirement from IGCAR, Dr. Baldev Raj took over the Directorship of NIAS in Bengaluru in 2014. As Director, he catalyzed the institution, emphasized multi-disciplinary research and brought close synergy between science and policy research – he was instrumental in bringing key changes in NIAS and raising the bar in policy and technology research in various areas – strategic studies, social sciences, natural sciences, space and GIS and many other areas.

Dr Baldev Raj and Dr Mukund Rao jointly worked together for ideating a deep knowledge institution in Spatial Analytics and Advanced GIS and with support from Tata Trusts they both created the C-SAG as a high-quality institution.

C-SAG pays homage for the departed soul of Dr Baldev Raj and will always remember him and cherish his nurturing and creation of C-SAG. As a mark of respect, C-SAG dedicates itself to the path set by Dr Baldev Raj and bring excellence in the field of Spatial Analytics and GIS.