Advanced GIS

C-SAG is working on developing Spatial Analytics tools for advanced GIS Applications in the following areas:

  • Health GIS Application that can help health workers to analyse, correlate, predict and manage health activities using GIS tools
  • City-GIS that enables civic services management in cities and also better integrated planning for local areas
  • Tank Monitoring GIS App that can provide status of water tanks in rural areas
  • Public Fund Monitoring GIS App that can map the distribution and usage of public funds though government programmes
  • GW Advisories – based on usage of satellite images and geological/hydro-geomorphological maps derivation of GW potential and integration with cadastral maps for specific survey number advisories a GIS App
  • Railway-GIS Analytics that will allow Railways to manage their tracks, assets and develop GIS solutions.
  • GIS Indicators – mainly development Indices at village, panchayat, taluk, district level in rural areas based on multi-parameter data of demography, education, health, amenities, social behaviour etc
  • Social GIS – that maps the patterns of social disparities and behaviour in society
  • Behavioural GIS – analytics of human behaviour and practices that shows social development and happiness indicators

Some of the advanced research and technology development would be in areas of:

  • Botanical GIS where integration of plant distributions and local plant locations, ethological studies of animal movement, landscape ecological studies of vegetation blocks, ecological studies of spatial population dynamics, and the study of biogeography
  • Epidemiology analysis on disease mapping with research on mapping the spread of disease and with location studies for health care delivery.
  • Spatial Visualisation – basically converting all statistics into spatial maps and visualisation
  • Spatial econometrics.
  • Image Analytics – to determine changes in multi-date images automatically and characterise the changes into morphometric and clustering analysis
  • Fractals and scale invariance analysis so that scientific modelling provides a useful framework for new approaches.
  • Spatial search tools
  • Crime Analysis using GIS
  • Facility Siting Spatial Analytics tools
  • Land Analytics for real estate
  • Forecasting Landuse Change
  • Demographic Projection Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Optimal Routing Tools
  • Aviation Analytics
  • Traffic Analytics tools
  • Generic Spatial Decision Support tools