Capacity Building

The main purpose of C-SAG capacity-building is to:

  • Establish Knowledge Network in SA and GIS: C-SAG would provide cohesive and single-point knowledge leadership and expertise to academia – schools/colleges/universities, industries – consultancy/practice-definitions, government – research inputs/application assessments/standards and practices and help create a national knowledge base.
  • Building skills and competencies in SA and GIS:  C-SAG  promotes and encourages competency and skill development in SA and advanced GIS technology by creating, providing, demonstrating and partnering with universities/schools by making accessible and available a basic competency base – consisting of experts, access to best of SA/GIS facilities, advanced inputs and networked  projects for practical skill development.
  • Develop/Establish, Maintain and make Accessible state-of-art Resources on SA and GIS: C-SAG will establish, maintain expand access to exemplary research, educational and practical knowledge resource for students/faculty/institutions etc through a repository (KR) and enable a clearing-house on SA and GIS – as a  distributed technology infrastructure to share resources in GIS.
  • Faculty Development and Outreach: C-SAG will also provide associated universities/colleges/schools with specialised faculty development and help and guide SA and GIS  educators in positioning new and advanced concepts amongst students and citizen communities.
  • Student Engagement: C-SAG will undertake, encourage and support in increasing the number, diversity and quality of students participating in and completing “intern”  application courses and projects in SA and advanced GIS of study in under-graduate, post-graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral awards. Towards this, C-SAG  has linkages/partnerships with Universities that have geographic science and key research areas.
  • GI Policy and Practices research and inputs: A focussed programme of C-SAG would be in geospatial policy and practices inputs to government, industry etc that helps position progressive growth trends for the sector.


C-SAG offers the following types of Training in SA and GIS

  • Basic SA training (1-week): the fundamentals and basic exposure to SA.
  • Advanced SA and advanced GIS Training: (1-3 months; with project work)
  • Professional SA and GIS Training: For in-service professionals in the government sector (both centre and states), private sector and academia (teachers, faculty etc) so that they can adapt and use SA and GIS  technology solutions within their own work-practices.

For more details and course calendar, please contact: