Health GIS

Public health is another focus area of C-SAG and there is tremendous potential to use Spatial Analytics and advanced GIS techniques. The focus is more on the health of society and larger populations, focussed more on prevention and alerts and operates both in governmental and private.

Public health informatics (PHI) is an emerging specialty which focuses on the application of geographic information science to public health practice and research –  a Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) – offers improved geographic visualization techniques, leading to faster, better, and more robust understanding and decision-making capabilities in the public health arena.

C-SAG analytics show a clear relationship between clusters of emergent disease vectors and those of known health and drug patterns – thereby establishing causal relationships for further clinical investigation and analysis. Establishing correlation between health parameters can also throw light on patterns of changing conditions of health and life practices by society. Customised health parameters SA  displays can help inform proper understanding and drive better decisions – understanding health disparities or inequities and help  develop solutions . SA techniques help medical practitioners to integrate disparate health data from a wide variety of sources – clinical, laboratory analysis, health practices, family history etc and can even help enforce quality control measures on those data.

 Health-GIS is an important area of work of C-SAG – by which geo-enabling all health amenities/facilities, health services enabling and developing applications for planning, implementation and monitoring of the various programmes of health care and delivery system is undertaken. Specific focus is on health governance, planning and monitoring; health infra-management and administration and citizen interface to Health Services.

Spatial Analytics is applicable for Health GIS Asset Creation; GIS based DSS for Health Facilities Management; GIS Based DSS for Allocation Planning in Health Sector and Family Welfare Promotion Program Analysis; GIS based Health Analyst App; Citizen GIS App for Health Services; GIS Dashboard for Health Governance; GIS Inputs to Health Policy etc