Railway GIS

Indian Railways and NIAS have been discussing about an enterprise GIS for Railways  – for asset (fixed, moving), efficient operations of passenger/freight traffic, safety, disaster-proofing, passenger comfort and also for planning ahead for future Railway operations. Concept of a foundation GIS is important for Railways – a foundation base of information on which all Railways asset data, traffic data and other services data can be ingested and super-imposed. 

C-SAG will continue the NIAS engagement with Indian Railways and work for defining, proto-typing and developing customised GIS Apps for managing rail-integrated transportation and rail logistical management – including, GIS based route/stations planning, GIS based gap analysis for Railway services, GIS based passenger and freight analysis and prediction, GIS based Railway Asset management – including real-time train tracking, Railway crossing management (with satellite-based and Positioning based GIS)land management, environmental assessment, GIS based Safety Applications, GIS based online Route Map Displays in each train engine, a GIS based Control Centre for Railway, a GIS based Railway Management and work-force monitoring, GIS Dashboards for decision-hierarchy levels in Railways etc.