Social Analytics

Social analytics is about analyzing and interpreting any digital interactions and relationships of people, topics, ideas and content. Interactions occur between entities – individuals, groups or societies, communities, states or nations, events, ideations. These have a spatial context. Social Analytics include sentiment analysis, behavioral analysis, language processing, image-match, video-analytics and social networking analysis (influencer identification, profiling, scoring).

Advanced techniques such as text analysis, predictive modeling and recommendations, and automated identification and classification of entities – subject/topic, people or content etc is becoming very prevalent.

Building social intelligence, defined as “the ability to understand and manage men and women and boys and girls, to act wisely in human relations”, and interpersonal intelligence, depict the knowledge of social situations, social cognition, as it pertains to trending socio-psychological  societal strategies and tactics. Social intelligence is competence to optimally understand one’s environment and react appropriately for socially successful conduct.

C-SAG works in the field of Social Analytics to create “social intelligence” knowledge and practices – that help society to better understand its relationship with the past, present and visualise the social character of future.