Agri-GIS Technical Advisory Committee

C-SAG is focusing to engineer an Intellectual Property (IP) suite for Agri-GIS – mainly to address Smallholder Farmer Services in 3 districts of S Orissa. The Agri-GIS will address beneficiary (or farmer) level aggregation and disaggregation of crop, water, soil, agricultural facilities and various social and economic parameters and provide time-bound and customised Advisories for farmers.

The benefit of the C-SAG Agri-GIS model stems on a “single, common, standardized, robust and reliable ”multi-layered and multi-parametric geo-spatial and geotagged database” – oriented towards farmer’s  DECISIONS – addressing his individual social, economic and resources queries and best interventions.

Considering the niche specialized domain of Spatial Analytics and Agriculture – especially to address individual farmers and beneficiary, NIAS Council of Management has established a C-SAG Agri-GIS Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) with the following Membership:

  • Dr Mukund Rao, Chief Executive of C-SAG                                                Co-Chair
  • Prof S Ayyappan, Former DG-ICAR/Secretary, DARE                              Co-Chair
  • Dr VS Ramamurthy, Director, NIAS                                                             Member
  • Dr Amrita Patel, Tata Trusts Member                                                          Member
  • Dr LS Rathore, Ex DG-IMD                                                                            Member
  • Mr Jiten Nayak, Head, S Odisha Project of Tata Trusts                           Member
  • Prof. Pravat Kumar Roul, Dean, Extension Education                             Member
    of Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT)
  • Representative of Odisha NBSSLUP                                                             Member
  • Dr Honne Gowda, Director, S&T, GOK                                                        Member
  • Dr Vijaymohanan Pillai, CSIR-Central                                                         Member
    Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi
  • Mr GC Sreeram, Tata Trusts                                                                           Member
  • Mr Nishant Maloo, Tata Trusts                                                                      Member
  • Mr Deepak K, Project Manager, Agri-GIS, C-SAG                                     Member-Secretary

The Agri-GIS Technical Advisory Committee would help in developing Agri-GIS concept and implementation – by way of reviewing, advising and integrating the best of technical inputs on SA and GIS and Agriculture.